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Friday, May 21, 2010

Cyber Gate RAT v1.07.5 by johnyk

Release date: 2010/06/04
Platform: Microsoft ® Windows All
License: Public Release

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- reverse connection Remote Administration Tool
- 64 bit traffic encryption
- language support
- view options
- multi port support
- remote connection search option
- injection option to create new servers
- anti debugging options to create new server
- startup methods option to create new server
- password protection method to create new server
- optional binder option to create new server
- icon changer option to create new server
- delayed execution option to create new server
- customizable installation folder and file name to create new server
- Ftp logs support
- Automatic DNS updater
- Multi profiles builder
- UAC (Vista and Seven protection) bypass on server
- Keylogger option
- Password recovery tool (browser, msn, windows...)
- Very light stub (~265ko)
- Chat feature
- File manager
- Registry editor
- Services manager
- Windows manager
- Processes manager
- Clipboard manager
- Socks 4/5 Proxy
- Http Proxy
- Mass features
- Installed programs manager31-Remote desktop (with capture)
- Remote webcam view (with capture)
- Capture audio
- Remote download and execute
- DOS prompt
- Send message boxes
- Control desktop items (taskbar, icon, start menu)
- Active ports list
- Server control (update, disconnect, restart)
- Remote open HTTP url
- Send file and execute
- CD Open and Close
- Reverse Mouse Option
- Remote Power Options (Shutdown, Restart, etc)
- Remote Mouse Lock
- Remote Keyboard Lock
- Remote Icons Hide/show
- Remote Start Hide/show
- Group support (connections can be organized in groups);
- several function that can be performed from group panel;
- URL visiter (with hidden feature);
- VBsrcipt console;
- multi-user keylloger/file search;
- local file erases tool (erase files beyond recovery);
- local startup manager tool;
- startup manager;
- programs assist;
- connection log;
... and many others.

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