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Sunday, May 16, 2010

iStealer 6.0 Legends by Kizar

INFO: Author: Kizar - Kizar Labs 2009
First Build: 18-12-2009

What is new in this version?
• Added new programs like Google Chrome, Opera, the last version of Firefox (3.5),IDM, SmartFtp and CuteFtp.
• The server has been improved for stability, totally tested in XP, Vista and W7.
• New features in the Php Log Manager (Export and Copy), now is more easy to set up.

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• Firefox (All versions, included 3.5) New!
• Internet Explorer (All versions, included New!
• Google Chorme (All versions) New!
• Opera (All versions) New!
• Internet Download Manager (IDM) New!
• MSN Messenger / Live Messenger (All versions)
• Google Talk
• Trillian (Msn, Aim, Yahoo)
• Pidgin / Gaim
• Paltalk Scene
• Steam
• No-Ip
• DynDNS
• FileZilla
• FlashFXP
• SmartFtp New!
• CuteFtp (Pro, Home, Lite) New!

• Builder GUI coded in VB6
• Stub coded in C/ASM
• Stub size uncompressed: 330Kb
• Stub size compressed with UPX: 180Kb
• OS: NT/XP/Vista/W7 New!
• FUD (Runtime and Scantime)
• Don't use external programs Important!
• All strings encrypted
• Bypass UAC in Vista/W7 New!
• Test URL function in the builder New!
• Php log manager (With new features) New!
• File binder upto 50 Mb New!
• File cloner and Icon Extractor
• Icon changer (Icons pack included)
• Anti virtual machines
• Anti OllyDbg
• Anti WireShark
• Anti Procmon
• Melt (Self destruction)
• All encrypted
• Good design