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Friday, June 18, 2010

BCP, Binder/Crypter/Packer by SqUeEzEr

BCP is a new free FUD crypter, binder and packer by the coder SqUeEzEr.

-Bind up to 6 .exe files
-Fast compression and decompression with native api's RtlCompressBuffer and RtlDeCompressBuffer
-Dynamical api calling
-Various anti methods against Olly, Anubis, VmWare, VirtualPc, HideDebugger, Qemu, Sandboxie and other generic debuggers.
-Stub updating technique. The stub can be updated, without having to download a new builder!
-Eof preserve, obviously. (of only the first file in the bind list)
-Inventive way to bypass Avira Tr.Dropper/Gen!
-Very user-friendly interface.
-Stub size ~28kb unpacked!

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