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Sunday, June 27, 2010

flAming Crypter v1.0 by flAmingw0rm + Stub Update(19-05-10)


I am releasing a free FUD (Runtime+Scantime) crypter made it VB.NET. Before saying it doesn't work, make sure to check if you have installed .NET framework on your computer. I'd like to say thanks to t0fx, the design of crypter, souce code and RunPE are made by him. I just edited some things and added EOF support.

- File Crypter (FUD Runtime+Scantime in Windows XP, Vista, 7)
- File Binder
- File Cloner
- Icon Changer
- EOF (End Of File)
- File Pumper
- Custom Injection
- 2 Different encryptions (RC4, TripleDES)
- Anti's ( Anti-Sandboxie, Anti-Ollydbg and more... )

Note: Do not move any files in the folder, just let it as it is.

Note: To change the icon successfully do the following:
1. Tick the box, choose your icon.
2. Untick the box, crypt it.
3. Now, drag your crypt server out of the folder and rename it, your icon should change.

5/19/2010 - New Stub [FUD - 0/20]

Report date: 2010-05-19 20:51:20 (GMT 1)
Detection rate: 0 on 20 (0%)
Status: CLEAN

Instructions: Copy the file and paste it in the folder called 'res' in the crypter folder. Example C:\Program Files\flAming Crypter\res\replace in this folder.

Once again, I would like to say thanks to t0fx for the great crypter. He wrote the RunPE himself, the source code and design!