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Friday, June 18, 2010

bl0b Exebinder 0.2.0 & Unique Stub Generator 0.3.0 by pr!ngles[100% FUD]

bl0b Builder Features
-- Unlimited Files
-- Drop to Windir, Sysdir, AppData or Temp

- USG 0.3.0 Features
-- Random File Names
-- Random File Information
-- Random Var Names
-- Random Function Names
-- Encrypt Strings *RC4+StringToHex*
-- Add Random number of Fake Functions before Sub main
-- Randomize Function Positions
-- Custom Trash Code
------ Many Trash Options
------ Jump over Trashcode
------ 1-20 Trash Lines / Code Line
-- Add Modules
------ Min/max
------ Add Fake Functions
-----------Add Trash code into them
------------------Min/max / Line
------ Add Fake Apis
-- P-Code or Native

1 comment:

  1. Spent plenty of time looking for a good one of these. I am going to use this and see what types of results it will give me. If nothing else, I will get some good practice and learn more from the effort. Can't thank you enough!